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    Home »GROOMING ADVICE»About Shaving Razors» Safety Razor Comparison Chart
    We offer shaving safety razors from Edwin Jagger in England and Merkur in Germany. Both are considered to be the world's finest manufacturers of razors.

    SHAVING HEADS ON RAZORS - The shaving heads of safety razors typically have a bar that keeps the blade slightly off your skin to prevent nicks. Different types of bars change the shaving experience. The bar usually is either a straight bar, a slant bar, or a bar with teeth.
    • Straight Bar - Uses a straight bar to keep the blade evenly away from your skin. Most popular design and considered the easiest to use. Recommended for moderate daily hair growth beards and beginners. Sometimes referred to as "Closed Comb".
    • Slant Bar - Uses a bar so the blade is at a slight angle on your face and slices through your whiskers rather than chopping through them. Recommended for heavy daily hair growth beards and experienced wet shavers. Considered to be more aggressive than a "Straight Bar" and requires skill. Sometimes referred to as a "Slant Closed Comb".
    • Bar with Teeth - Uses a bar that has indentations like a comb has spaces between its teeth. Recommended for heavy daily hair growth beards and experienced wet shavers. Sometimes referred to as a "Comb Bar" or "Open Comb".
    CONSTRUCTION - Shaving razors are constructed to come apart so you can replace the razor blades quickly and easily. Typically, shaving razors come in either two pieces or three pieces.
    • Two Piece Construction - Comes with a handle and a top piece that screws into it. These razors usually have a thicker handle and weigh more than three piece razors.
    • Three Piece Construction - Comes with a handle, bar, and top piece which screw together. Considered easier to use and usually weigh less than two piece razors.
    The following chart compares weights, lengths, the type of bar that rests against your skin between you and the razor, and the number of total pieces involved in assembling the razor.

    EDWIN JAGGERBar Type PiecesHandle LengthWeight
    Bulbous LinedStraightThree4.5 inches3.9oz/110g
    Chatsworth Chrome BarleyStraightThree4.5 inches3.9oz/100g
    Chatsworth ChromeStraightThree4.5 inches3.9oz/100g
    Chatsworth Ivory ColorStraightThree4.4 inches2.1oz/60g
    Chatsworth Ebony ColorStraight Three4.4 inches2.1oz/60g
    Chatsworth Light Horn ColorStraightThree4.4 inches2.1oz/60g
    Lined ChromeStraightThree3.75 inches2.5oz/70g
    Ivory Color & ChromeStraightThree3.75 inches2.3oz/65g
    Ebony Color & ChromeStraightThree3.75 inches2.3oz/65g
    Smooth ChromeStraightThree3.75 inches2.3oz/65g
    MERKURBar Type PiecesHandle LengthWeight
    Heavy Duty(11)Teeth Two3 inches2.9oz/80g
    Heavy Duty(34)StraightTwo3 inches2.9oz/80g
    Heavy Duty, Long Handle(12)TeethTwo3.75 inches3.8oz/106g
    Heavy Duty, Long Handle(38)StraightTwo3.75 inches4oz/112g
    Heavy Duty, Long Handle Blue (38Blue)StraightTwo3.75 inches4oz/112g
    Heavy Duty, Long Handle Red (38Red)StraightTwo3.75 inches4oz/112g
    Safety Razor (15)TeethThree3 inches1.8oz/50g
    Safety Razor(33)StraightThree3.75 inches1.8oz/50g
    Long Handle (25)TeethThree3.75 inches2oz/56g
    Long Handle (23)StraightThree3.75 inches2oz/59g
    1906 Safety Razor (41)TeethThree3 inches2.2oz/62g
    1906 Safety Razor (42)StraightThree3 inches2.2oz/62g
    Heavy Duty (37)SlantTwo3 inches2.7oz/76g
    Heavy Duty, Long Handle (39)SlantTwo3.75 inches3.9oz/110g
    Progress(500)AdjustableTwo3.5 inches3.1oz/88g
    Futur(70)AdjustableTwp3.75 inches4.4oz/122g
    Vision 2000AdjustableOne4.25 inches4.5oz/126g
    *Adjustable Safety Razor - unlike most safety razors where the "gap" between the edge of the razor blade and your skin is fixed, Adjustable Safety Razors give the user the ability to control the distance which affects the aggressiveness of the shave.
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